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The talent behind the BYOU franchise also includes DEBRA MARTIN CHASE, Academy Award and Emmy nominated motion picture and television producer, who is the Co-Creator and Producer of both BYOU DVDs.
Bryan, of The Disney Channel's hit movie and double platinum selling soundtrack The Cheetah Girls -- stars in a 95 minute dance fitness DVD called BYOU (SONY BMG; $14.
The lifestyle empowerment brand BYOU certainly realizes this, and have created the BYOU Celebrity Signature Fundraising Series to bring together celebrities, their charity of choice, and the BYOU girls empowerment movement to make a difference and touch lives around the world.
The campaign speaks to teens with the message to BSEEN, BHEARD, BYOU and most importantly BMOR (be more) than the statistic.
The List Most recent winning Wokingham favourites 2010 Laddies Poker Two (Jeremy Noseda/Johnny Murtagh) 9-2f 2005 Iffraaj (Michael Jarvis/Philip Robinson) 9-4f 2004 Lafi (David Nicholls/Eddie Ahern) 6-1f 2001 Nice One Clare (Pip Payne/Johnny Murtagh) 7-1f 1987 Bel Byou (Paul Cole/Richard Quinn) 11-2f 1984 Petong (Michael Jarvis/Bruce Raymond) 11-1jf 1983 Melindra (David Elsworth/Tony McGlone) 7-1f 1976 Import (Bill Wightman/Taffy Thomas) 4-1f All mixed up Rearrange the letters to find the name of a horse who hit the headlines over hurdles last summer and who finished down the field in the Ascot Stakes A Salutary Aid (9,3) Answer on page 32 Compiled by John Randall, Nicholas Godfrey and David Dew
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You take care of your business one-on-one and the other four guys are there to help Byou.
She starts wherever they are and takes them to a level they thought they never could be at,'' Byous said.
The project was presented at a press conference on Thursday in Nicosia in the presence of Cyta Chairman Stathis Kittis and senior Cyta officials, Radius President Jim Byous, CSnet Director General Leonard Whitlock, and representatives of Ministries, organisations and companies.
ATWA wikk lang splore o the tung, sangs, music and traditions o oor byous Doric culture.
Jaron Byous, 22, in for a probation violation, spent three nights on the floor.