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BPRCBiomedical Primate Research Centre (Rijswijk, Netherlands)
BPRCByrd Polar Research Center
BPRCBryant Park Restoration Corporation (NYC)
BPRCBiblical Prophecy Resource Center
BPRCBusiness Process Resource Centre (University of Warwick; UK)
BPRCBig Peach Running Company (Georgia)
BPRCBalbeggie Pony Riding Club (UK)
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In that capacity, he strived to keep the growing Byrd Polar Research Center well supported.
Newsom was unaware of the debate, however, until Raimund Goerler, now-retired archivist at Ohio State, discovered a flight journal within a large collection of items given to Ohio State by the Byrd family at the naming of the university's Byrd Polar Research Center.
The book contains few typographical errors; the three maps are clear, though somewhat stylized; and the photographs, all from the Byrd Polar Research Center at Ohio State University, are well captioned.
Leonid Polyak, a research scientist at Byrd Polar Research Center at Ohio State University, Columbus, and his colleagues obtained sonar images of the Arctic Ocean floor through a unique collaboration between the U.
This temperature increase is nearly double what previous research has suggested, and reveals-for the first time-warming trends during the summer months of the Southern Hemisphere (December through February), said David Bromwich, professor of geography at Ohio State University and senior research scientist at the Byrd Polar Research Center.
Bryce, defending his research at a symposium at the Byrd Polar Research Center in September, acknowledged that "I am not a historian but a librarian.
The discovery of fossilized stumps of Glossopteris, a seed fern now extinct, supports the view that during the Permian period - years 250-280,000,000 ago - Antarctica had a climate much warmer than it does today, according to Edith Taylor, a research scientist with Ohio State University's Byrd Polar Research Center.
Research teams led by Ian Howat of the Byrd Polar Research Center at Ohio State University and Paul Morin, director of the Antarctic Geospatial Information Center at the University of Minnesota have been monitoring satellite images for changes in the Greenland ice sheet and its outlet glaciers.