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BZ2Bzip2 (compression file-naming convention)
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The cryptographic functions and BZIP2 support were added to its products in January.
0 introduces Windows Vista compatibility and better compression ratios by fully supporting BZIP2 compression, including WinZip's extensions to the ZIP-file format.
0 that allows users to create smaller Zip files than ever before," says Edwin Siebesma, president of WinZip Computing, referring to PPMd and bzip2 compression methods.
2, also details the internal flags required to support BZIP2 compression, the record layouts for the MVS and AS400 operating systems, and defines a new storage location reserved for pending Unicode file name support.
PKZIP for UNIX supports all popular compression algorithms and extraction formats, including uue, xxe, hqx, mim, AOL MIME, tar, gz, tgz, cab, jar and bzip2, and offers both certificate-based and traditional password-based encryption and authentication.
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