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C++C Object-Oriented Programming Language
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This means finding (or training) resources for C++ will not a problem.
A comprehensive GUI interface to the command line tool, the Eclipse plug-in helps developers to easily generate C++ client and service code automatically from existing industry-standard WSDL files.
In this respect, the C++ Database toolkit pays for itself quickly by reducing multiple licensing costs down to a single license across all platforms.
The addition of C++ language support for our ARM and ColdFire suites is a significant milestone in the development of our compiler technology," says Alan Harry, founder and CEO of Crossware.
The semantics of Algorithmic C datatypes are intuitive for users familiar with ANSI C++, enabling designers to become proficient in just one day.
A free download of the Borland C++Builder 2006 is available for existing Borland Developer Studio customers to upgrade C++ to full production status.
In addition, C++Builder 2006 includes leading-edge IDE productivity features that give customers virtually the same IDE productivity gains offered in Delphi 2006, such as a new code templates system, history manager, C++ structure pane and improved database providers to simplify application data access.
We are happy to accept the C++ Standard Library as an Incubator project," said Greg Stein, chairman, Apache Software Foundation.
Unit tests can now be automatically generated in C or C++ source code allowing easy customization and enhanced ability to maintain them under source control.
Nasdaq: QVDX) providing reusable software components and services that facilitate enterprise-class application development, today announced the release of its SourcePro(R) C++ Edition 8.
Traditional thinking suggested that due to the nature of its highly restricted environment that it was not possible to run a C++ ORB on a DSP.