C-123Provider (cargo aircraft)
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2) What was perceived as a special-effects slam dunk - the crashing of a C-123 cargo plane into a hotel casino - became a logistical nightmare, with 15 tons of aircraft crashing through the casino at an entirely undramatic, though still unstoppable, 2 miles per hour.
Cooper was at the controls of the C-123, once owned by Seal, that was shot down by a Sandinista soldier on October 5, 1986, thus-since it was loaded with arms and documentation linking the crew to a chain stretching back to the office of Vice President George Bush-helping to fuel the Iran/contra scandal then bursting upon the world.
After skirting Nicaragua's west coast, the C-123 cargo plane sliced inland over Costa Rica's rugged jungles and up into Nicaragua.
He was a command pilot who flew the B-25 Mitchell, C-123 Provider, C-124 Globemaster II, C-7A Caribou and C-118 Liftmaster.
Within minutes of takeoff, criminal genius Cyrus ``The Virus'' Grissom (John Malkovich, having loads of fun acting cartoon, rather than complex, evil for a change) stages a mutiny, kills a bunch of guards and steers the bulky C-123 toward some extradition-phobic nation to the south.
contracted Bell helicopters and one State Department-supplied C-123 transport plane, which are flown by U.
From the Berlin Airlift years of 1948-1949, utilizing C-47 and C-54 airframes, through the early years of the Vietnam War using C-7 and C-123 aircraft, material handling equipment wasn't all that different.
and asked for permission to install a hidden camera in Seal's newly acquired C-123 transport plane.
At an airstrip near Managua, Seal testified, he photographed a group of men loading duffel bags onto the C-123.
The personal flight logs of Wallace Sawyer, co-pilot of the C-123 aircraft shot down over Nicaragua last October, show that he made two landings in October 1985 at the Barranquilla airport on Colombia's Caribbean coast, a standard cocaine exit point.
It's certainly true that, aside from the election results themselves, disclosures stemming from Eugene Hasenfus and the cargo of the C-123, not to mention the uproar over disinformation and the arms-to-Iran deal, have put a bit of fire into the press's belly and set the Administration somewhat on the defensive.
downing of a C-123 transport plane shipping arms to the contras' southern front.