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Tenders are invited for 2 Supply, Installation, testing and commissioning of CCTV at Vikas Bhawan, Pandara Park in connection with Supply, Installation, testing and commissioning of IP based HD Surveillance system at residence cum camp office of leader of opposition, Delhi Vidhan Sabha, C-140, Pandara Park, ND.
of Road by Providing RMC from Dhansa Road to Bhardwaj Clinic in Village Mitraon in C-140 NGZ.
Tenders are invited for Providing RMC & Drain in Village Mundhela from balmiki chopal to Balwan hs and Balwan hs to Krishan Hs, Anil hs to Veer Singh hs, Kartar hs to Rajendra hs, Ramphal hs to Phirni, Santram to Chowk, Mukesh to Bed Pana, Anand hs to Jile hs, Satya Prakash to Phirni PK Sharma hs to Satish hs in Village Mundhela Kalan in C-140 NGZ.
8 9 14 & 44 Rokpnp) (37& 40-Dli-Rok) (80-Rok-Jhi) (119 120 121 125 128 C-140 C-142 C-147 C-149 C-153 C-155 C-160 C-177 C-178 C- 183 C-200 C-201 C-202 C-203 C-216 C-222 C-223 C-225 C- 234 C-235- Jhi-Bti)=Total-32 Nos.
Tenders are invited for Improvement Development of drain and Road by Pdg RMC from Ram Kumar Hs to Jaiveer Hs in Village Ujwa in C-140 NGZ.