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And the time a group of Marines was set to board her C-141 when they saw that the pilot and co-pilot were both women and asked the loadmaster, "Oh my God, is it safe?
Now that the C-141 has been retired, that restriction has been lifted.
The C-17's maximum gross takeoff weight is 585,000 pounds, compared to 769,000 for a C-5, 323,100 for a C-141 and 155,000 for an MC-130.
However, aside from the massive logistic demands that have arisen in recent operations, the argument for further C-17 acquisition (beyond the projected 224) is supported by the US Air Force's intention to begin phasing out the C-5A in FY2004 and to start retiring the C-141 earlier than originally intended, in FY2006.
The former POWs were flown to the Ramstein Air Base from Kuwait aboard a C-141 transport plane.
I flew as a navigator on C-141 cargo jets and KC-135 tankers for the Air Force and Air Force Reserve.
The final Air Force package supporting the DRB portion of outload operations on Green Ramp consisted of 51 C-141 aircraft (20 for people, 28 for heavy equipment, and 3 container delivery system [CDS] aircraft).
The sixth flight arrived yesterday from the US base at Kandahar in southern Afghanistan, a military C-141 cargo plane carrying 14 detainees who all were carried on stretchers from the aircraft by four Marines wearing yellow latex gloves and turquoise surgical masks.
military transport planes -- a C-130 Hercules and a C-141 Starlifter carrying some 100 American military personnel and loaded with intelligence equipment and foodstuffs -- landed Sunday afternoon at the Tuzel military air field near Tashkent, the Uzbek capital.
Our C-141 aircraft are being retired at twice the rate of the new C-17s corning on line.
The youngsters were discovered in the wheel-well of a C-141 B transport aircraft at Kadena Air Base in Okinawa City, Japan
Many studies have relied on the Kuiper Airborne Observatory, an infrared telescope that flew high in the atmosphere in a converted C-141 airplane.