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C-21Gates Learjet
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Keywords: Cynanchum auriculam Royle ex Wight; C-21 steroidal glycosides; Caudatin-2, 6-dideoxy-3-O-methy-[beta]-D-cymaropyranoside; Caudatin; Human tumor cell lines; Antitumor activity
Bill C-21 will now go before the Standing Committee on Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, which according to the press release issued by the Assembly of First Nations, has agreed to proceed with a clause-by-clause review of the bill.
The C-21 began to roll for departure and had just crossed the VFR hold line when the flight of F-15s started their departure roll.
Bill C-21 increased qualifying periods, shortened benefit duration periods, increased maximum disqualifications from six to twelve weeks for workers who quit their jobs without "just cause" or were fired for misconduct, while reducting their benefits rates to 50 per cent of average "insurable earnings" and further, increased UI premiums for workers and employers by 15 per cent.
In addition to the overall company award, 187 DynCorp International employees on the ASD program and 87 DI employees on the C-21 program were given AMT awards based on their training during the past year.
Freedom([R]) Safe-To-Fly status for the following aircraft: C-17, C-5, KC-135, C-21, C-130E/H/J and KC-10.
SAN ANTONIO -- Karta Technologies was recognized with a national award for a program the company developed to train Air Force medical personnel on critical procedures and systems for the C-21 aircraft.
Gas revenues recorded by the Working Interest Owner on the Trust Properties increased 231% to $4,802,411 in the second quarter of 2004 from $1,452,158 in the first quarter of 2004, primarily due to increased volume from the F-3 well on Ship Shoal 182/183 that came on line in January 2004 and increased volumes on Eugene Island 339 from the B-1 and C-21 wells, offset in part by additional negative retroactive adjustments on Eugene Island 339 for actual gas volumes compared to estimates previously used by the working interest owner.
The installation is responsible for providing United States aero-medical evacuation capabilities, flying operational support airlift in the C-21, and air refueling missions in the KC-135.
Address : Stpi C-21, Thejaswini Building, Technopark, Kariyavattom Po Thiruvananthapuram
6 million for delineation projects for the C-20 and C-21 wells on Eugene Island 339 and expenditures of approximately $1.
Address : C-21,Thejaswini Building, Technopark, Kariyavattom Po, Thiruvananthapuram