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C-4Composition 4 (explosive)
C-4Colonial Coin Collectors Club
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C-4 Analytics' inventive digital display conquest platform earned the agency honors as a finalist in the PR News' Platinum PR Awards in the SEO/SEM Initiatives or Campaign category.
Most C-4 is made in the United States and then supplied to other military forces around the world.
US investigators believe C-4 is produced in countries like Iran and Iraq and it is known to be used extensively by Hizbollah bombers in Lebanon.
C-4 is considered the most powerful non-nuclear explosive in the world, officials said.
It is both a personal and professional achievement for me and a testament to C-4 Analytics' hard work and dedication.
By understanding the psychology of car buyers and leveraging data to precisely target their online behaviors, we're able to transform the complexion of a market, and our award-winning Jeep Cherokee campaign is a perfect example," said Justin Cook, vice president and general counsel of C-4 Analytics.
Honoring both C-4 Analytics' customer-focused campaigns and its dedicated employees, the Stevie Awards included Silver and Bronze wins for Marketing or Advertising Agency of the Year, Company of the Year, Online Marketing Campaign of the Year, Marketer of the Year: Phil Murphy, Maverick of the Year: Derek Gerry, Woman of the Year: Kristin Valencia and Human Resources Executive of the Year: Sara Bushnell.
With more employees certified in Google AdWords and YouTube than its competitors in digital marketing, C-4 Analytics holds a range of weekly training sessions for new hires and experienced team members alike that are balanced throughout the year with employee relaxation days, regular yoga sessions and various off-site adventures.
It was expensive and inefficient, because their customers had moved online," said Michael Weiss, managing partner of C-4 Analytics.
Simultaneously with the entering into of the Share Exchange Agreement, and pursuant to its terms, Eduard Will, President and CEO of Inprimis, C-4 and another investor entered into a Private Placement Agreement under which Inprimis will, subject to certain conditions, issue 4,000,000 shares of a newly created class of Series A Preferred Stock in consideration of an aggregate purchase price of $500,000.
C-4 Analytics, a Boston-based digital marketing agency, is one of those companies, combining incisive analytical data and razor-sharp business acumen for strategic growth, offering Massachusetts' best and brightest more opportunities to make an impact in the workforce.
We are extremely pleased that GE Americom has selected Lockheed Martin to provide three more A2100 communications satellites to replace the Lockheed Martin-built Satcom C-3 and Satcom C-4 satellites," said Ted Gavrilis, president, Lockheed Martin Commercial Space Systems.