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C-4Composition 4 (explosive)
C-4Colonial Coin Collectors Club
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Currently, country's four nuclear power plants KANUPP, C-1, C-2 and C-3 are operational and generating a total of 1,030 MW of power whereas with the inauguration of C-4 Chashma plant, the power supply would be further enhanced.
Through this partnership, C-4 Analytics will accelerate the expansion of its technology platform, service offerings and client services to further its leadership in the tech-enabled digital marketing sector.
Headquartered in Saugus, Massachusetts, C-4 Analytics delivers real, measurable results to its clients by using analytics to identify and track customer-acquisition channels -- and the related costs -- so that they can determine which marketing streams are most profitable.
Most C-4 is made in the United States and then supplied to other military forces around the world.
All sorts of munitions were handed out freely, not that many years ago, and it's possible that C-4 was part of that,'' the security expert said.
US investigators believe C-4 is produced in countries like Iran and Iraq and it is known to be used extensively by Hizbollah bombers in Lebanon.
C-4 is considered the most powerful non-nuclear explosive in the world, officials said.
Simultaneously with the entering into of the Share Exchange Agreement, and pursuant to its terms, Eduard Will, President and CEO of Inprimis, C-4 and another investor entered into a Private Placement Agreement under which Inprimis will, subject to certain conditions, issue 4,000,000 shares of a newly created class of Series A Preferred Stock in consideration of an aggregate purchase price of $500,000.
GE-10 will take the place of GE Satcom C-4 and GE-11 will replace GE Satcom C-3, which currently operate from their orbital locations at 135 degrees West and 131 degrees West Longitude, respectively.
The C-4-2 well was drilled to a total true vertical depth of 9,184 feet (2,800 meters), and successfully appraised the C-4 discovery, which tested 15,359 barrels of oil per day and 10.
AMEX: XCL) today announces that it and its partners, China National Oil and Gas Exploration and Development Corporation (CNODC) and Apache Corporation, have completed production tests at the C-4 wildcat well, a new field discovery, in the 49,000-acre Zhao Dong Block, Bohai Bay, the People's Republic of China.
67 million single-family mortgage bonds II class I series 1997 C-4 (forwards) due Feb.