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The C-9 is a clean sheet design, said Bob Heitzman, C-9 product program manager at Cat's Mossville, Ill.
Heitzman said the C-9 is both a heavier-duty midrange diesel and a lighter heavy-duty engine.
The C-9 is the smallest Cat diesel to use a four-valve cylinder head for better breathing and combustion.
The C-9 will use two-piece ferrous Federal-Mogul pistons, the same style used in high rated 3126B and C-10/C-12 applications.
Also brand new on the C-9 is the REPS HEUI oil pump, a gear driven, axial piston pump that Haughney said has proven port metering technology and provides a variable delivery piston pump, but avoids the problem areas of traditional variable displacement pump designs.
Finally, the C-9 is controlled by Cat's ADEM III electronic control module (ECM), the first non-truck use of this electronic package, which is called ADEM2000 in on-highway applications.
In its various configurations 24 medium-range C-9 aircraft provide the U.
L-3 Link and our industry partners, Goodrich Corporation's Aviation Technical Services division, Pacific Gas Turbine Center and Patriot Aviation Services, are well positioned to assume responsibility in providing uninterrupted contractor logistics support to the C-9 fleet," said David Williams, Vice President of Training Services at L-3 Link.
In support of the C-9 fleet, L-3 Link will maintain site support staff at six locations, including Naval Air Station (NAS) Whidbey Island, WA; NAS Oceana, VA; NAS Atlanta, GA; NAS Willow Grove, PA; Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, NC; and Scott Air Force Base, IL.