C-CAPCoast Watch Change Analysis Program (US NOAA)
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Having Marcus and Mark as a dynamic team will ensure that C-CAP will grow in new ways and continue to nurture the next generation of great chefs," said Grausman.
As this year's honoree, Lidia Bastianich received the C-CAP Honors Award, an original stainless steel sculpture created by artist Philip Grausman.
With the first stage of the protocol completed, C-CAP moves ahead to new challenges.
Being a student in the C-CAP program isn't easy, but the rewards and benefits are great, said Richard Grausman, who founded the program in 1990 in New York City High Schools and brought it to Los Angeles a decade ago.
The C-CAP reception will combine the talents and signature styles of 35 of New York's top chefs.
The impetus for C-CAP started with a speech Grausman heard at a convention of culinary arts professionals.
The new C-CAP Scholarships are the latest in a continuing effort by The French Culinary Institute to offer scholarships to students who dream of a culinary career.
Thousands of C-CAP high school seniors became head chefs in their classrooms and were introduced to the Meatless Monday public health campaign encouraging everyone to start each week with a healthy meal.
The appliance maker is the latest in a long list of kitchenware companies, including Wusthof, Cuisinart, Joyce Chen, Calphalon and T-Fal, to support the C-CAP cause.
Culinary arts teachers at 185 C-CAP schools across the country introduced students to AICR's evidence-based guidelines on eating for lower cancer risk.