C-COMConcurrent Complementary Operators Method
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We want to bring affordable high-speed broadband over satellite to our land-based customers, much the same way commercial airlines are rolling it out for in-flight broadband connections," said Bilal Awada, Chief Technology Officer of C-COM Satellite Systems.
The combination of the iDirect and C-COM technologies products gave us a robust and cost effective solution," said Joe Fekete, VSAT Systems' operation manager.
TOCOM intends to not only offer a forum where trading participants of the C-COM oil market can continue to trade, but also improve trading opportunities through the introduction of a new trading method and extended trading hours.
C-COM has been working very closely with ViaSat to ensure that our new auto-acquiring flyaway antenna is fully compatible with the Exede Entreprise service and is in full compliance with Satellite News Gathering (SNG) antenna specifications said Bilal Awada, CTO of C-COM Satellite Systems Inc.
After returning home, the company sends them the bill, and their service providers pay C-COM.
Using GSM-based phones allows C-COM clients to send and receive messages in text format; forward, identify and receive calls, and access voice-mail, multi-conferences with up to six participants, data transfer and national long-distance as well as overseas calls.
With the product now in full production, and available for immediate delivery, C-COM has already delivered a number of iNetVu Ka-98G mobile antenna systems to Avanti resellers
The C-COM iNetVu mobile proprietary antennas, and services associated with these products, are used in mobile applications by corporations, government agencies, the military, law enforcement agencies, homeland security, utility vehicles, oil and gas platforms, police, fire, medical and other security and emergency services with a need for affordable mobile 2-way high-speed Internet over Satellite connectivity.
The joint product of C-COM and Romantis addresses both governmental and commercial customer s needs for quick-deploy communications, supporting various applications including, but not limited to: videoconferencing, video surveillance, voice and broadband Internet.
These proprietary antenna systems, combined with additional new products and services to be deployed in the new fiscal year, will differentiate C-COM from other satellite-based Internet technology providers and will significantly increase our capability to generate additional revenues in 2006," said Leslie Klein, President and CEO of C-COM Satellite System Inc.
The unnamed company according to the signed MOU will become a C-COM reseller of the iNetVu Mobile Platforms to the United States Department of Defense and other U.