C-DACCentre for Development of Advanced Computing (Pune, India)
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An embittered Lalit recalls, "After 10 years of working at C-DAC, they conducted a review for 3 minutes and thereafter declared me unfit for employment.
C-DAC has developed a small pocket sized device to wirelessly acquire ECG of the patient by a single lead.
He also appreciated the C-DAC Pune members for the successful launch of the 500 TeraFlop 'Param Yuva II'.
For example, by attending treatment team meetings, observing Don's progress and participation in hospital programs, and meeting with or telephoning the community on-site job supervisor while Don was still hospitalized, we obtained rich data to supplement the findings of the C-DAC assessment.
C-DAC chose Mellanox's robust, high-speed interconnect solution due to its performance, scalability, low power consumption, and high-efficiency data handling.
In the past as well, the C-DAC Trivandrum was consulted by the NIA's Kochi branch for capacity building of NIA IT division and in the field of Cyber Forensics.
Known for its OpenFrame Architecture of PARAM series of supercomputers, C-DAC has developed a wide range of technologies and products in natural language processing (NLP), artificial intelligence (AI), e-learning, multimedia, multilingual computing, geomatics, data warehousing, data mining, digital and broadband wireless networks, scientific modelling and visualization, health care, telemedicine and picture archival and communication systems.
It is also a measure of our capability and noteworthy that C-DAC is the second organization worldwide to have carried out the Level 3 measurement of Power versus Performance for the Green500 List.
Thanks to the gargantuan boost in processing power, C-DAC hopes that Param Yuva-II will help the scientific community gain a faster way to crunch data.
C-DAC was established in March 1988 as a Scientific Society of the Department of Information Technology, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Government of India.
The bidder must not be blacklisted by C-DAC or any other Educational / R&D / Govt.