C-DAPChronic Disease Assistance Plan (Trinidad & Tobago)
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Her father paid half of the fines, while Jane used C-DAP funds for the other half.
The six-month total, then, is 39 hours dedicated to one welfare recipient - versus the 400 to 500 hours logged by the C-DAP volunteer teams.
C-DAP participants said personal support made a huge difference.
C-DAP staff told the churches that their involvement was not an opportunity for proselytizing.
C-DAP put welfare recipients into such friendships with caring individuals, who also took time to impart basic life skills - time management, keeping a checkbook, budgeting, smart shopping - essential to achieving and maintaining independence from public assistance.
As noted earlier, two-thirds of the C-DAP participants are now off the dole.
Such numbers force us to accept that even a good program - and C-DAP is very well conceived and managed - is no panacea.
These measures address the "cliff effect" problem many C-DAP participants have encountered in the past.
Remy Agee enthusiastically reports that nine new churches are "ready and waiting" to be matched with C-DAP participants.
Agee says that program is distinct from the C-DAP initiative, so the coalition's activities won't hamper C-DAP's growth.