C-DITCenter for Development of Imaging Technology (Kerala, India)
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According to the Times of India, a majority of these members favour including C-DIT in the tender process, but so far it is still excluded, for reasons that remain a mystery, especially given the success of its tax stamp in increasing liquor tax revenues.
C-DIT staff, who see their jobs being destroyed if the production is removed from C-DIT, and local media have protested about the current request for expressions of interest.
He will now serve as research director at Light Logics on a part-time basis while he continues to lead the team at C-DIT.
Holo-pack * Holo-print in Shenzhen is the most successful yet; De La Rue Holographics develops its own version of holographic magnetic stripes; IHMA recognises Eastern Europe as a separate area as membership reaches record levels; upward trend in sales and profits as companies report third quarter results; the successful outcome of the hologram-based authentication programme for the 2004 Olympics is reported; Spatial Imaging expands its Lightgate range of origination systems; the SilverCross colour hologram emulsion project receives EU funding; Idvac develops gold coatings; C-DIT reveals details of its photopolymer serialisation project.