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C-DOTCentre for Development of Telematics
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Besides, voice telephony, high speed internet access and IPTV, the C-DOT GPON has provision to carry cable TV signal too, all on a single optical fiber.
Withits upcoming S2 million study of technology for high-speed rail along 1-25 and 1-70 corridors, C-DOT dismisses very little.
As part of its global WiMAX strategy, Alcatel created last year a joint R&D center with C-DOT, the Indian Government's telecom technology development center, to accelerate the availability of WiMAX solutions adapted for the technical and regulatory specificities of fast-growing markets, in particular the Indian one.
Successfully led the development of 2G MSC at C-DOT and various VoIP and 3G/IMS wireless product developments
While marching on to the next generation networks, C-DOT has also kept a significant focus on cost effective rural and small network solutions.
The fact that we were able to license technology to a development center with the talent and resources that are available to C-DOT is a true testimonial to the value, quality, and maturity of our technology," said Phil McConnell, CEO of Data Connection Network Protocols.
Some of Wavesat's clients and partners include Agilent, WaveIP, Atmel, JStream, VCom, Nex-G, C-DOT, Z-Com, Murandi, Infineon, Infinet, AirTegrity, Trango, Xilinx and Zarlink.
Wavesat, a leading developer of WiMAX silicon chips, C-DOT, the premier telecom technology centre of the Government of India and the Communications Research Centre Canada (CRC), the Government of Canada's primary research facility into telecommunications technologies, today announced they have begun working together to build a cost effective fixed wireless access solution, based on IEEE 802.
This partnership with C-DOT will provide tremendous value to Vanu, Inc.
Tenders are invited for Rearrangement of aluminium partitions in C-DOT room, Broad Band Ocilam room in old T.
White Electronic Designs Corporation (NASDAQ: WEDC) today announced that it has booked $946,000 in initial prototype orders during the past 30 days for the Indian conglomerate C-DOT, (Centre for Development of Telemetics).
White Electronic Designs Corporation (Nasdaq:WEDC) today announced that it has received a prototype order from the Indian conglomerate C-DOT, (Centre for Development of Telemetics), signifying a design win and our entry into India's telecom industry.