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The C-G Future band's features include a firm yet flexible construction, low bulk, unique anchoring eyelets, and a profile that is 20 percent lower than other available semi-rigid devices.
Professor of Surgery, Director of Cardiac Surgical Research at New York University and co-developer of the new product, said, "The C-G Future band is a significant advance over prior devices used for valve repair - its low-profile facilitates easier implantation and its strong yet flexible metal core facilitates more predictable remodeling, both of which will be advantages in all cases, but will be especially valuable as more advanced minimally-invasive techniques become more common.
The increasing refinement of minimally invasive surgical techniques and instrumentation - aided by the intraoperative visibility now afforded by transesophageal echocardiography and the introduction of lower-profile products such as the C-G Future band - is expected to rapidly increase this number.