C-JTSCCCENTCOM (US Central Command)-Joint Theater Support Contracting Command (US DoD)
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C-JTSCC procures construction materials, furniture, electronic items, medical equipment, generators, retention items, printed items, household and office equipment, and other requirements as necessary for delivery to Afghanistan.
Procuring in Central Asian States for Afghanistan C-JTSCC supports business and production development in Tajikistan and other Central Asian States, Almaz Dushembiev says.
Below are the outstanding Supply Officers serving at C-JTSCC .
Ayers outstanding leadership, hard work and unbelievable contributions to Operation Enduring Freedom throughout her Command tour at C-JTSCC have resulted in her being awarded the 2013 Capt.
Peace Dividend Trust and C-JTSCC maintain registered vendor databases by commodity but little about vendors' actual performance.
According to C-JTSCCs Policy Memo 10-07, dated 8 Jul 10, as long as the business itself is owned by an Afghan citizen, Afghan national(s) hold over 51 percent share of the business as indicated in its licensing documentation, and holds a current business license with a licensing authority of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GIRoA), namely the Afghanistan Investment Support Agency (AISA), it is considered an Afghan business eligible for Afghan First competitions.
The concepts I am learning in the JPME course mirrors how USFOR-A and C-JTSCC support OEF; a perfect opportunity to see joint doctrine in action from planning to execution," he added.
After the drawdown is complete, a cadre of C-JTSCC personnel will remain in Iraq to conduct contract closeout.