C-levelcategory level (US DoD)
C-LevelTop-Level Executive (CEO, CRO, CIO)
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An analysis of responses by global food and beverage industry C-level respondents reveals that 'new product development', 'machinery and equipment purchase', and 'IT infrastructure development' will record significant increases in capital expenditure in 2013.
For example, C-level executives can choose to be alerted when communications expenses are exceeding the normal quarterly pace or when they are within 5 percent of reaching their budget limits.
The geographical scope of the research is European - drawing on the activity and expectations of C-level executives in Europe.
The C-Level rooftop will be turned in theGrey Goose Rooftop and feature hip-hop open format for local artists on Sunday and Monday.
That's where the C-Level Partners advisors come in; we help clients get and stay on track and avoid the common pitfalls of creating change.
When asked: "Where is the hot-bed for relocation for C-level executives today?
More C-level executives--43%--said international risks pose a greater threat to their companies than domestic risks, compared to only 16% of risk-manager respondents.
Claire Morris, of C-Level, said: "We have volunteers who will not only be trained to counsel sufferers but will be on hand to give preventative information to those at risk.
BOSTON -- Strong C-level commitment to pricing - combined with a dedicated pricing organization - is essential to protect and boost profits in today's low-growth economic climate.
C-level executives play an important role in determining a brand's strategy, ensuring success across a number of business goals.
com)-- CSIA is pleased to announce the first five celebrities that will be participating on March 10, 2011 at the CSIA C-Level @ A Mile High event.
Within the global contact center industry, one of the biggest disconnects is between C-level organizational executives and contact centers.