C-NICConverged Network Interface Card
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TCP Chimney Offload provides an automated offload of transmission control protocol (TCP) traffic processing via a TCP offload engine (TOE) that is incorporated in Broadcom's NetXtreme II C-NIC devices.
Broadcom NetXtreme II C-NIC devices also feature Receive-side Scaling functionality, in support of the Scalable Networking Pack, that enables improvements in the processing of inbound network traffic.
Broadcom is very excited about the release of the Scalable Networking Pack and we believe that our C-NIC implementation, in support of the Scalable Networking Pack, will become the baseline technology for the next generation of volume servers.
The new BCM56580 switch, when combined with the BCM5708S NetXtreme II C-NIC, provides the industry's only 2.
Broadcom will also showcase a complete, end-to-end 10GbE server solution at the Server Blade Summit utilizing its NetXtreme II 10GbE C-NIC prototype (currently under development), coupled with the StrataXGS III BCM56800 10GbE switch.