C-PETChecklist for Patients on Endocrine Therapy
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All dogs were randomized to receive either saline or platelet therapy produced with the C-PET product.
In all three assessment methods, dogs treated with their own blood platelets obtained using SECUROS C-PET demonstrated significant improvement in pain and lameness.
Conversely, dogs treated with C-PET, as well as those that elected to cross over to C-PET treatment, did improve, thereby demonstrating a level of efficacy," commented Dr.
The SECUROS C-PET system relies on Pall's unique filter-based technology to concentrate platelets and their associated growth factors - which enhance wound healing and induce tissue regeneration - from a small volume of a dog's own blood.
Additionally, the SECUROS C-PET system does not require a centrifuge or power supply, a significant advantage over other platelet enrichment techniques.
These results suggest that the SECUROS C-PET kit would not only provide a long-term, optimal solution for treating osteoarthritis, but also offer veterinarians a practical and safe application of this state-of-the-art procedure.
C-PET Plus represents the next generation of ADAC's leading C-PET platform.
Gary Burbach, president of ADAC Medical Systems, said, "We are excited about the C-PET Plus and believe it will further advance our leadership position in the clinical PET market.
We are excited about acquiring dramatically improved imaging capabilities with ADAC Laboratories' C-PET scanner," said Robert R.
The first quarter results are very encouraging as we see ADAC's C-PET increasing its share and taking a major position in a rapidly growing market," commented Mohamed Elmandjra, Vice-President of Marketing, ADAC Medical Systems.
We shipped 18 MCD units and two C-PET(tm) units in the quarter compared to 13 MCD units and one C-PET in the prior quarter.