C-PETChecklist for Patients on Endocrine Therapy
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All dogs were randomized to receive either saline or platelet therapy produced with the C-PET product.
The SECUROS C-PET system relies on Pall's unique filter-based technology to concentrate platelets and their associated growth factors - which enhance wound healing and induce tissue regeneration - from a small volume of a dog's own blood.
NOTE: C-PET, Pinnacle3, Forte, MCD/AC PET, and Vantage ExSPECT are trademarks of ADAC Laboratories.
Growth in net sales was primarily due to significant growth in sales of the company's line of berry containers for the produce-grower's market, as well as growth in sales of its C-PET line of bakery containers first introduced last year.
Sales of produce containers, combined with the rapidly expanding demand for our emerging, new line of bakeable C-PET containers, constitute the most rapidly growing product lines for the company in fiscal 1995 and in the foreseeable future.
Under this agreement, ADAC's MCD/AC and C-PET users will have access to dedicated 5.
The C-PET is ADAC's dedicated positron emission tomography imaging system, which has been designed to provide high resolution images with high patient throughput.
We shipped 18 MCD units and two C-PET(tm) units in the quarter compared to 13 MCD units and one C-PET in the prior quarter.