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C-RAMCounter Rocket, Artillery, and Mortar
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As the prime contractor for the C-RAM LPWS OMT, DiSTI will provide a fully integrated solution incorporating the 3D interactive virtual environment, simulation software, networked instructor/operator station, and multi-mode lesson engine/procedure monitor software, as well as the networked electronic classrooms computers and displays.
Evolutionary acquisition occurred with a great deal of success with the C-RAM system.
The agreement will see TPI and RAD collaborate for the production of several major components for the Oerlikon Skyshield C-RAM System, a state-of-the-art system designed to defend civilian or military assets from attacks.
As a watch stander, I provided physical security for the C-RAM gun mounts and their enclosed perimeter fences.
Additionally, he worked with Army and Navy personnel to establish a weapons safety program and setup explosives storage locations for C-RAM intercept operations.