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C-RPC-Reactive Protein (blood)
C-RPCandidate-Rendezvous Point (PIM)
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Philip AGS, Baker CJ; Cerebrospinal fluid C-RP reactive protein in Neonatal meningitis, Journal of pediatrics, 102, 715-717, 1983.
In this paper, to reduce the calculation burden, RPs are divided into C-RPs (calculated RP) and E-RPs (estimated RP), between which the C-RP is for the indoor propagation model as input, and the RSS value of the E-RP is obtained by RST.
4 HT LIMA-LAD HPL Ao-IM Type 2 DM Ao-Rdp Patient CPB time C-RP WBC Tissue culture 1 55 min 26 mg/L S.