C-SAMC-Mode Scanning Acoustic Microscope
C-SAMCommerce for Secure Active Mobile
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The C-SAM tool measures the acoustic-impedance value of a mold compound in one step, without having to measure the acoustic velocity and density separately.
Samples suitable for C-SAM imaging generally have at least one flat surface into which to pulse ultrasound, although cylindrical samples can also be imaged.
In acquiring C-SAM, MasterCard said it will speed the development and deployment of mobile wallets and payment solutions globally, including the rollout of its MasterPass digital service.
It comes in the wake of a strategic collaboration between the parties started in December 2012 and the purchase of a minority stake in C-SAM by MasterCard.
Creating and Optimizing the Mobile Wallet: Current Issues, Latest Developments and Effective Solutions" to be led by Elizabeth Duke, Head of Sales - Asia Pacific at C-SAM
Completed C-SAM images of the internal structure of a sample are produced in about 10 sec.
MasterCard, C-SAM and DNP said they are aiming to increase the popularity of mobile wallets, extending the value-added applications available through their white label services to merchants, retailers and consumers throughout Japan.
A Post-Conference workshop to be led by C-SAM on the last day of the summit will be one of the summit's highlights.
Founded in 1998, Chicago-based C-SAM provides the end-to-end infrastructure required to operationalize a mobile wallet.
1) Device classification is based on electrical test results and C-SAM inspection for cracking/delamination at a given moisture sensitivity level (MSL) and peak reflow temperature.
Knowledge of material flow patterns and presence of voiding or delamination (using C-SAM imaging) are also critical to ensuring a reliable flip chip assembly.