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C-SPANCable-Satellite Public Affairs Network
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While in Fort Lauderdale, C-SPAN taped segments including the "History of Fort Lauderdale" and "Seminole History and Culture," both filmed at the Fort Lauderdale Historical Society/New River Inn.
Knowing how much C-SPAN covers each and every day, right before hanging up with the producer, I asked about something I thought I already knew: "Now this is going to be taped, right?
C-SPAN may not make "cloture" a household word, but its growth refutes Minow's worst fears about market failure in the area of public interest programming.
Given the performance of the Simonton approach, we ask how well it holds up with these new data, especially with the C-SPAN viewers.
From our first day of operation, C-SPAN programming has easily met the government's public-interest standard (the general legal standard radio and television broadcasters must meet in order to keep their right to use the public's airwaves).
Hearst Television, collectively reaching nearly 21 million households, will provide the C-SPAN telecast to its stations for local broadcast.
This is important because the C-SPAN audio that I did provide originated from our government's Senate TV-Radio Gallery .
Here's how C-SPAN works: Cable and satellite operators that carry it - and that's the vast majority - pay a nickel per month for each subscriber.
Donhowe interprets and comments on--gives a human face to--the neutral coverage provided by C-SPAN.
Although it's original network, C-SPAN, is carried by some 4,396 cable systems, the second service, C-SPAN 2, is on only 1,033 systems.
By airing this, C-SPAN may be unwittingly contributing to the false perception the breakfast is government-sponsored and sanctioned.