C-TPATCustoms-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (US government)
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Today we are happy to announce our successful C-TPAT validation," says Randy Tucker, OHL President of Contract Logistics & Transportation Management .
C-TPAT is designed to optimize supply chain performance by mitigating the risk of loss, theft, and contraband smuggling in the global supply chain.
US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Supply Chain Security Specialists examined Marken's supply chain security program across their global network and confirmed that Marken is in compliance with the C-TPAT Program requirements.
The research objective of this article is to evaluate the level of competitiveness among the different modes of transportation used in a secure supply chain in terms of the import value in millions of dollars and its transformation into the annual percent growth rate of the import value; as well as to estimate a curve fitting for the number of C-TPAT validations and revalidations per year.
The NCA is the first industry association to undertake an initiative to support industry wide participation in the C-TPAT program through the launch of a portal that will function as a registry of foreign suppliers and their C-TPAT related security practices for industry members.
CBP has also introduced a process that awards benefits for C-TPAT importers on a three-tiered basis, depending on validation of their security practices.
The new international standard driving the C-TPAT shipping community and the global security seal industry today is ISO/PAS 17712:2006 Mechanical Seal Standard for Freight Containers.
For C-TPAT certification, the security methodologies must be consistently applied throughout a corporation's in-house and outsourced manufacturing locations and transportation base.
The producer of newsprint and commercial printing paper indicated they were C-TPAT compliant in their 2005 annual report.
Hubert Wiesenmaier, who arranges apparel cargo transport for 200 small- to medium-size importers, said the proposed C-TPAT changes don't deviate much from the standards his clients already follow.
In the Hong Kong region, specifically the Pearl River Delta Region (which includes leading economic regions of China), we wanted to determine the general level of awareness with regard to C-TPAT as well as how the program was perceived and whether many businesses were likely to participate.
It also requires the company to communicate its security guidelines to its business partners and to encourage them to apply for C-TPAT certification, too.
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