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Historically the first band to be deployed for satellite services, the C-band is indisputably recognised for its high reliability and resilience in extreme weather conditions.
Paris-based technology consultancy Euroconsult examined the situation on-the-ground in three markets representative of the diverse economies of southern Asia and the Pacific, and found that - in addition to the hundreds of millions of consumers who rely on C-band television streams - the banking and finance, energy production, and government sectors were particularly dependent on satellite networks using C-band spectrum, which is prized for its reliability and scope of coverage.
I will be using a ten foot satellite dish that has been set up to view C-band television.
We have dominated the distributor channel for years in the C-band industry, and this is a channel which appears to have been not as well serviced by the current DSS manufacturers," he told HFN.
WRC-15 will be pivotal in determining future spectrum allocations for mobile broadband and C-band spectrum, which is under consideration at the Conference, will be key to meeting future data demand.
The new high-power 45W C-Band GaAs FETs allow base station designers to achieve power ratings necessary to boost signal strength using fewer components, thereby resulting in lower system cost.
About the time it became an official DSS licensee, Toshiba launched a new C-band television commercial campaign, "TV Man," as well as a sweepstakes contest, "Survival Story," which runs through Sept.
The C-band satellite is the first in that frequency at 105 degrees to be operated by SES AMERICOM.
During the meeting in Abuja, African states will define their position on access to the C-band that is currently allocated to satellite operators and claimed by mobile operators.
Consumers with new digital C-band receivers will be able to access HITS programming primarily off G7.
LNB C-Band PLL 3115 or 3130 Make Norsat or better 01Nos.