C-levelCategory Level (US DoD)
C-levelTop-Level Executive (CEO, CRO, CIO)
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Deep knowledge of a business, industry, or program of action is also cited as an important skill C-level executives must have.
That's where the C-Level Partners advisors come in; we help clients get and stay on track and avoid the common pitfalls of creating change.
We examine the relation between registered insider sales and the long-term post-issue performance and earnings surprises of new equity issuers by distinguishing between the insider shares offered by C-level executives and other nonexecutive insiders during the SEO process.
The results of the survey show that 57% of global C-level executives agree that in the next one-to-three years, external threats such as cyber-criminals will become a greater security risk than insider threats.
When asked: "Where is the hot-bed for relocation for C-level executives today?
The Internet continues to be the most influential and important source of business information for C-Level executives around the world, at 67%.
More C-level executives--43%--said international risks pose a greater threat to their companies than domestic risks, compared to only 16% of risk-manager respondents.
Claire Morris, of C-Level, said: "We have volunteers who will not only be trained to counsel sufferers but will be on hand to give preventative information to those at risk.
Note: n=391 C-level executives and 642 non C-level executives
The A-level performers are 38% of the total students, B-level are 17%, and C-level are 45%.
This report is the result of an extensive survey drawn from Timetric and VRL's exclusive panel of C-level respondents consisting of CEOs and other senior-level respondents such as managing directors and board members from leading companies in Europe.
com)-- CSIA is pleased to announce the first five celebrities that will be participating on March 10, 2011 at the CSIA C-Level @ A Mile High event.