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C12Concentration at 12 Hours (also seen as C12 h)
C12Christian Business Group (Tampa, FL)
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The meters meet the accuracy requirements of ANSI C12.
C18 diacid has a melting point of 124[degrees]C, compared to 128[degrees]C for C12 diacid, and therefore can be dropped into existing production lines with virtually no process changes.
In addition, having the Tobii C12 device would improve the life of these girls by enhancing their communication skills and allowing them to be participate more in their community.
In addition, having the Tobii C12 device will improve the lives of these girls by enhancing their communication abilities and allowing them to be further acknowledged by the community.
Did Mr de Menezes move towards C12 before he was grabbed in a bear-hug by officer Ivor?
The inquest into the death heard the highly-trained firearms officer, identified by the code name C12, said he raised his gun at the Brazilian and called out "armed police" prior to opening fire in a London Underground train.
The marksman, identified by the codename C12, told the inquest he shot, fearing Jean Charles was about to detonate a suicide bomb.
At about 7am, a red Peugeot 205, being driven by a woman, and a silver Nissan Primera, carrying four men, was involved in the accident on the C12 Sherborne to Dorchester road close to Giant's Head caravan and camping park, near Cerne Abbas, Dorset.
Prices of C8 and C12 monomers will increase by 18 percent at the same time.
The airline said that the new lounge has seating for 60 customers and is located in Concourse C, Mezzanine Level, near gate C12.
This year saw CEO Victor Muller reveal the C12 Zagato, a limited production run of 24 high performance sports cars designed in association with Andrea Zagato and his famous Italian design house.
The company used the show to highlight its new Super Sport Utility Vehicle, a striking $320,000 contraption, and the LaTurbie C12, which sells for $360,000.