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C1SCoated One Side (printing term)
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1] a band typical for the [beta]-configuration of C1 in xylans ([beta]-(1[right arrow]4)) was detected
Catalyst Paper manufactures diverse printing papers such as coated freesheet, C1S, coated and uncoated groundwood, newsprint, directory, as well as market pulp.
While Canada presently has no plans to acquire this family of armoured patrol vehicles, it is also true that in 1973 we were content with our old Centurions, and that in 2006 we thought our old Leopard C1s might be up to the job in Afghanistan.
Then, the C1s was deconvoluted, in order to quantify the relative abundance of carbon atom types.
The C1s plastic bumpers can shrug off some quite hefty scuffs without affecting their function but if there are abrasions, use them as a negotiating point.
This increase is more pronounced in the mixtures C1 - C3 (without silane) than in the mixtures C1Sa - C3Sa (with silane Si69) and C 1Sb - C3Sb (with Dynasylan OCTEO).
Their current little number, the C1, first emerged at the Geneva Motor Show in the spring of 2005.
C1 esterase inhibitor deficiency is a hereditary condition where reduced activity of C1 inhibitor leads to episodic angioedema, often triggered by stress, trauma and surgery.
However, despite recent production success, the transition from nonfeeding glaucothoe to the first-feeding C1 juvenile stage is still a major source of mortality in hatchery production (Daly et al.
String around the complexity of the word then you can determine whether it is a complete word or part of other words, the string S, then the word before and after the C1S and C2S, respectively, the complexity of such type (2) and (3) shows
So far the French firm has sold 620,000 C1s, making it one of their best sellers.
All the binding energy values were calibrated using the reference peak of C1S at 284.