C2BMCCommand and Control, Battle Management, and Communications
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A high level of commitment to international partnership on the parts of both the United States and its allies--already evinced by ALTBMD and C2BMC shared situational-awareness tests--will encourage interoperability initiatives.
As the C2BMC prime contractor, Lockheed Martin leads the Missile Defense National Team, a partnership of highly responsive industry leaders that includes Northrop Grumman, Boeing, Raytheon, General Dynamics and approximately 20 other smaller companies with expertise in key areas.
The C2BMC application relies on the Link 16 tactical data exchange network to ensure that sensor and shooter systems have the interoperability required for accepting and sharing target and tracking data.
Linking C2BMC with the Army's system will be a step toward a powerful integrated air and ballistic missile defense capability.
First deployed in 2004, C2BMC currently is fielded in 33 locations, including U.
New C2BMC Capabilities Provide More Realistic Training for Operational Exercises
The C2BMC is the integrating element for the Ballistic Missile Defense System and links the various sensors and weapon systems.
Work will include engineering support to C2BMC program
Operating 24/7, C2BMC continuously supports both regional and strategic objectives around the world in 17 time zones.
The historical knowledge of the mission, along with our proven implementation of creative solutions, as developed on C2BMC since 2002, will result in continuity of operations for the fielded C2BMC capabilities located worldwide and evolving challenges to come.
In addition to Patriot, the flight test included participation by the C2BMC element.