C2DClose 2 Death (gaming community)
C2DConnect to Decode (tuberculosis genome mapping project)
C2DClose 2 Death Recordings (UK Record Label)
C2DConcept to Design (various organizations)
C2DClick to Download
C2DCommitted to Diversity (task force; Oregon State University)
C2DCore 2 Duo (Intel Corp processor)
C2DContract-to-Direct (job classification)
C2DCrash to Desktop (software malfunction)
C2DCommand and Control Directorate (US Army CECOM)
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If that doesn't tell you how relevant and important this technology is, then I don't know what does," said Ron Szymanski, the C2D chief architect for software and technology.
While the C2D engineers believed a multitouch table could improve the collaborative environment, very few were commercially available in 2008.
We believe that the C2D and Traditional LED luminaire families have the best lumens per watt per dollar package on the market today and are the smart choice for saving maintenance, replacement, and energy costs as well as the environment," said Zach Gibler, Chief Executive Officer of Lighting Science Group.
With flexible modular optical design and light output of up to 40,000 lumens, the C2D luminaires are the smart choice for efficiently and affordably lighting parking garages and lots, pathways, sidewalks, building exteriors, warehouses and manufacturing facilities.
He also suggested to formulate an advisory forum of experts to suggest practicable measures for IPR protections and thanked C2D and HRCP for holding the discussion and provide IPO and civil society the opportunity to interact and receive feedback on their work.
Specifications - Model D1005 < < Processor < Intel C2D E5200, 2.
NeoCor (TM) and C2D (TM) LED luminaires with PixelView (TM) lighting control technology providing over 60-percent reduction in operating costs at up to 12,000 lumens, directly replacing up to 320 watt metal halide luminaires.
This has set us apart from the other brands which continue to fight for the market share of C2D consumers from five member households.
SureFire's C2D Digital Centurion features a new digitally controlled microprocessor that regulates the batteries' power flow, preventing instant shutoff of light.
CACI will also work closely with C2D to identify, prototype, demonstrate, refine and test new C4ISR solutions that have promise for use in broader environments.