C2EACampaign to End AIDS
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To connect with C2EA organizers near you, visit http://www.
The C2EA Detroit Rally will take place at Community Health Awareness Group, 1300 W.
Walking to Washington may sound crazy, but I'll do whatever it takes to get Congress to fully fund programs like the Ryan White CARE Act that help people with HIV/AIDS survive," says New York City's Valerie Jimenez, an openly HIV- positive C2EA organizer.
The Philadelphia AIDS Consortium (TPAC) is acting as host to C2EA marchers while in Philadelphia.
and feature speeches by C2EA co-chair Charles King (who is also CEO of the New York City AIDS agency Housing Works), Yoshiaki Yamasaki, Deputy Director, The Philadelphia AIDS Consortium, Charlene Arcila, Pennsylvania Host committee chair for C2EA, and Michael Hinson, representing Mayor John Street and leaders of AIDS Services Organizations in Southeastern Pennsylvania.
Julie Davids, C2EA steering committee member and Nor'easter co-coordinator, urges older folks to join C2EA and become mentors.
Click on "caravans" on the C2EA website to see the map showing their routes.
C2EA is the kind of organizing needed--with local groups and personal involvement, not just a national office where people send checks.
We have the drugs to treat HIV, and good science shows that condoms and clean needles for injection-drug users can prevent it," says C2EA co-chair Charles King, an HIV-positive ordained Baptist minister and CEO of Housing Works, the nation's largest community-based AIDS agency.
7, C2EA participants will stage nonviolent demonstrations throughout the city.
C2EA planned to launch its caravans in September, but the devastation of Hurricane Katrina forced organizers to postpone.