C2FCharacter to Float
C2FCommand & Control Facility
C2FCommander Second Fleet
C2FCommand and Control Framework
C2FCenter to Field (National Transportation Communications for Intelligent Transportation Systems Protocol)
C2FComics to Film
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Dave Givey, with the Multi-National Forces South Theater Security Cooperation/Inter-Agency Coordination for C2F.
System 6 used to make kitchen cabinet C2F blanks from small-diameter, low-grade red oak.
IDB support for the two farms is also expected to include subordinated debt funding from the Canadian Climate Fund for the Private Sector ( C2F ), which will play a critical role in optiminzing the capital structure of the project.
The part quality specification for all parts in the cutting bill is C2F.
More specifically, cutting bills that call for the manufacture of 3-inch-wide or narrower part widths to at least 10 different lengths less than 40 inches long will achieve optimal part yield when processing 3AC lumber into C2F parts.
Figure 2 shows the actual character marks that were located within the marker's areas (character marks that were marked correctly) as well as the marks along the edges (character marks that were in the edging strips from the ripsaw operation) for the C2F part run.