C2HSecond Conserved Cysteine to Histidine
C2HContract to Hire (contract employment option)
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The Nios II C2H Compiler is currently shipping to beta customers and will be available for general release in May 2006.
As the number of embedded designs using FPGAs increases, the availability of the Nios II C2H Compiler is targeted at providing developers of embedded systems with the tools they need to be productive and successful.
The Nios II C2H Compiler leverages Altera's system-level infrastructure to deliver substantial performance improvement across a broad range of applications.
The Nios II C2H Compiler is a plug-in to the Eclipse-based Nios II integrated development environment (IDE), giving Nios II software developers a consistent and familiar interface.
Plofsky continues, "The Nios II C2H Complier automates these tasks to provide our large base of Nios II users improved productivity and performance.
Both the Nios II C2H Compiler and floating-point support deliver increased performance and flexibility to embedded software developers, amplifying the fundamental time-to-market benefits of the Nios II processor as an FPGA-based computing platform," said Chris Balough, Altera's director of software and Nios marketing.
The Nios II C2H Compiler is a productivity tool for Nios II users.
The Nios II C2H Compiler provides an innovative performance and power management value proposition that is unique to FPGAs," said Danny Biran, senior vice president of product and corporate marketing, Altera Corporation.
For more information about Altera's Nios II C2H Compiler, please visit www.
April 5 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Embedded Systems Conference -- Altera Corporation's Nios(R) II C-to-Hardware Acceleration Compiler (Nios II C2H Compiler) was awarded EDN's 2006 Innovation Award in the software category, the company announced today.