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C2H6Ethane (chemistry)
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Continuous thermochemical conversion of reed in a flash pyrolysis system at 450-800[degrees]C revealed that C2H6 is favoured at the expense of [C.
The reactor system should be suitable for the following gas phase reactions - Fischer-Tropsch synthesis,- Sabatier reaction,- Methanol synthesis,- Oxidation of alkanes small molecule (CH4, C2H6, C3H8) and olefins (C2H6, C3H6),- Hydrogenation of unsaturated compounds in the gas phase,- Steam reforming of alkanes,- The reactor should be for operating at atmospheric pressure applications (for oxidation, Hydrierung- and steam reforming reactions) and at higher pressures up to 50 bar (for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, Sabatier reaction and methanol synthesis).