C2LChallenge to Learn
C2LCarbon-to-Liquids Development Center (Southern Research Institute; Durham, NC)
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The analysis of transplanted plants in the field and garden shows that the magnitude of inbreeding depression is conditioned by the level of inbreeding of the maternal plant and by the environment in which the progeny is tested (significant C1L x ENV, C1Q x ENV, C2L x C1L x ENV, and C2L x C1Q x ENV interactions; Tables 2,3).
The maternal effects of inbreeding, tested by the effects of the consanguinity of the maternal grandparents, C1, on their F2 progeny were expressed in all fitness components, but were less consistent across fitness components than those of nonmaternal effects, C2, and often modified the magnitude of their effects (significant C2L x C1L and C2L x C1Q; Tables 2,3).
C2L will be located in a separate section, and will feature exhibitors that specialize in digital technologies, including: Adesa, Connectwave, M'Pack, MyPack Connect, NanoLike, RC Image, ThinFilm Electronics, and Trace Connect.
C2L will also have its own conference track and networking breakfast.