c2oCommunity Communications Online (Collingwood, Victoria, Australia)
C2OCommitted to Own (gaming clan)
C2OConsigned 2 Oblivion (gaming clan)
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Janet Chisholm is the project director for the C2O programme at East Birmingham and North Solihull Regeneration Zone.
Case Study: Improving Availability, Response, and Security with Optinuity C2O
At Fall Relationship Commerce `98, attendees will hear from senior business and technical executives from Art Technology Group, c2o (an EDS business), Sun Microsystems and Mainspring, a leading Internet business advisory.
EDS' c2o Interactive Architects business unit is the leading provider of online business consulting and Internet technology services.
This global agreement establishes rights for c2o to host, develop on and distribute ATG's Dynamo Relationship Commerce Internet platform and suite, dramatically expanding Dynamo's market presence.
When you put c2o and ATG in front of a customer, we present a comprehensive Web business solution that takes into account a company's revenue and earnings requirements, its technology and systems integration needs, and the user's preferred Web experience.
Using Dynamo Retail Station(tm), ATG's online storefront solution, c2o will build commerce-based Web applications and integrate these applications with a company's existing legacy infrastructure.
C2O answers the critical need for an Operations Process Management (OPM) platform that facilitates the coordinated development, validation, automation, and management of traditionally error- prone and time-consuming applications support procedures performed repeatedly by operations personnel.
The EDS (Electronic Data Systems) Web and Internet e-commerce business unit, c2o, will appoint a Business Strategist, a Design Strategist and a Technology Strategist to work with KeyClub.
com, developed and hosted by EDS' c2o Interactive Architects(SM) business.
EDS, through its c2o Interactive Architects(SM) business, provided Internet design and information architecture services to PowerAgent, and EDS developed several key applications for the online system.
The market acceptance of EDS' interactive agency for strategy design and development of websites for interactive marketing, c2o Interactive Architects, has been exceptional and has created business opportunities in the $400-million range in only four months.