C2RConcept to Reality (biannual magazine; Altair Engineering, Inc.)
C2RComplex to Real (data output)
C2RColleagues Committed to Redesign
C2RCommand and Control Registry
C2RCommitted to Redesign Program (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; Troy, NY)
C2RConsumer to Retailer
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C2R brings our readers the latest information and knowledgeable opinions on a variety of advanced technologies that can provide a competitive edge in the marketplace.
Featured articles in the Winter 2006 C2R include discussions about:
Contributors to C2R Summer 2005 include: David Loren, Bayer Material Science Future Business Group project leader; A.
The C2R Compiler generates synthesizable Verilog[R] RTL from untimed ANSI C.
CebaTech's C-based ESL design methodology and C2R Compiler allow fast changes to the system architecture, enabling extensive exploration of design tradeoffs to achieve the optimal design.
Andres Gonzalez, president and founder of Agora Laboratories, said: "We've been using CebaTech's C2R Compiler technology to take a legacy G.
The C2R Compiler was invented to consume an enormous, robust, open-source C code base," stated Chad Spackman, co-founder and CTO of CebaTech.
The C2R Compiler is available now for FPGA and ASIC designs.
Following the company's Fall 2003 issue, C2R magazine was selected out of a field of over 722 entries to receive an APEX Award For Publication Excellence for overall outstanding design, graphics and writing by a panel of judges composed of leading national business writers and journalists, This award is sponsored by the Editors of "Writing That Works: The Business Communications Report" published by Communications Concepts, Inc.
To be recognized with an APEX award is an honor and tribute to the mission of C2R," Kidder adds.
C2R includes independent third party perspectives as well as business solutions enabled by Altair Engineering.