C2SClient to Server
C2SCells to Society (Center on Social Disparities and Health; Institute for Policy Research; Northwestern University; Evanston, IL)
C2SContribution to Society (Geneva, Switzerland)
C2SCommand and Control Support (US DoD)
C2SCoated Two Sides (printing)
C2SCity to Surf (Australian marathon)
C2SCommand & Control Systems
C2SClient to Services
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I spent time in the field with two youth gangs, C2S of Mt Roskill (10 participants were interviewed) and Roughnecks of Royal Oak (four participants were interviewed).
FLEXcon delivered FLEXmount[R] DFPEF 32 Black V-778 200 POLY C2S, a custom tape solution that is slit to a specific size.
In the C06 C2S wash fastness test, the specimen dyed using this process showed significant staining of polyamide in the multifibre adjacent.
C2S starts to precipitate out of the liquid slag above 1450[degrees]C, and this is slightly different from the data reported for the Jordanian oil shale [7].
According to the company, Tango C2S provides two coatings per side, and is an exceptionally smooth surface that allows for uniform ink holdout and consistent ink coverage.
E coated, clay coated, CIS and C2S, with equal or differential release characteristics, to meet the needs of a variety of tape, labelstock, industrial, and composite applications as well as self-adhesive graphic arts (at the highest gram weights) and envelopes and hygiene (at the lowest gram weights).
Manny says that most Arjobex customers for PS grades are looking to specialize with C1S and/or C2S products.
The company also added C1S and C2S GW Matte Finished Boards to this line.
Stock: Cover: 10 pt C2S Carolina cover or equivalent
C2S offers solutions ranging from custom software development to packaged products and services.
This is NGA s second pioneering step in the cloud, after the agency moved their Map of the World application to the C2S environment late last year.