C2TCommand & Control Technology
C2TCable Chaining Technology (IBM)
C2TCompanions 2 Travel (travel network)
C2TCountdown to Titanic (movie fan club)
C2TCustomer to Transformer (Idaho Power Company)
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Our analysts (and intelligence leaders) should look for additional intelligence methodologies to help steer their team's C2T through the intelligence cycle (those additional intelligence analysis methodologies exist though not all have been formally described within our current Army intelligence doctrine).
An enduring challenge for PME training developers and facilitators was the integration of C2T in concert with analytic tradecraft that is representative of a structured analytic think flow framework.
This "think-flow" to "work-flow" aids analysts at all levels of proficiency and echelons to incorporate C2T and analytic tradecraft into an analytic battle rhythm that has rigor, structure, as well as merit.
As time to revenue is paramount for ISP's and dotcom companies, C2T allows for x330 servers to be installed and running in half the time of traditional rack servers.
C2T further eliminates the six KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) switches and related cables per rack required in first generation thin servers for management and communications.
Combined with the cost savings of C2T, the low price of each server and the Integrated Service Processor, a rack of x330 servers saves over $25,000 per rack of servers.