C2VCommand and Control Vehicle
C2VConcept to Volume (Netherlands)
C2VCurrent-to-Voltage (converter)
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Wallace's C2V was stuffed with least $1 million worth of electronics.
The plan is to buy 47 C2Vs on Bradley chassis, 97 command-and-control Humvees and 10 commander Strykers.
The C2V is a self-contained, armored command and control vehicle with the ability to keep pace with forward forces.
The C2V is expected to be survivable against chemical and electromagnetic environmental threats and nuclear weapons effects.
4 million to produce five C2V with warranty during FY 1997.
This work for C2V will be incorporated with the Bradley/MARS STS-14 contract.
The C2V will add new capabilities for Command and Control to mechanized units.
The C2V is being developed based on lessons learned during Operation Desert Storm," said Jim Welsh, Bradley Derivatives program manager for United Defense.
The C2V, with its Bradley platform, will be an improvement in both areas.
The C2V consists of a modified Multiple Launch Rocket System carrier with the Bradley A2 600 HP power train and suspension.