C2Wcommand and control warfare (US DoD)
C2WChip-to-Wafer (computer chip design)
C2WChemisch 2 Weekblad (Dutch chemistry journal)
C2WChrist to the World Ministries, Inc. (est. 1991; Morley, MO)
C2WCreated 2 Worship (Christian music group)
C2WClimate-to-Weather Disaggregator (climatology)
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For the first time, the C2W program will have two levels, to entice employees who have not yet participated and to further inspire employees who already participate.
Health risk assessments and annual physicals have always been an essential component of the C2W program.
By encouraging employees to make use of the C2W program, the city is projected to save an estimated $200,000 in the first year on health insurance claims alone.
Employees who complete the first level of C2W will receive a $20 monthly reduction on their health insurance premium in 2015.
C2W was first implemented for fulltime employees in 2011, and since then it has been a yearly reoccurring initiative that has evolved over time.
Level Two: The second level of C2W includes two wellness challenges, which are designed to encourage employees to take the information they have learned during their health risk assessments, annual physicals, and age-appropriate screening, and apply it to future lifestyle choices.
1, "Joint Doctrine for C2W," is to break down the stovepipes and integrate the various elements of C2W so that their synergies and relationships can be magnified.
One of the hallmarks of C2W is that it can be conducted in any or all of the different warfighting environments--land, sea, air, outer space, even cyberspace--by any or all of the military services.
Because C2W is a subset or component of IW all of its elements comprise IW in the same sense that close air support is a component element of air warfare, or that anti-submarine warfare is part of war at sea.
McDonnell Douglas completed a Navy-funded, six-month feasibility study that validated the C2W Variant of the F/A-18F as a viable replacement platform for the EA-6B.
This would enable the C2W variant to be built on the same production line as the F/A-18E/F.
Reviews like this will help us to optimize the capability of a two-man crew to accomplish tactical airborne electronic warfare/C2W missions in the future," said Paul Summers, C2W program manager for McDonnell Douglas.