C2XCharacter to Hexadecimal
C2XCommitment to Excellence
C2XComposite Training Unit Exercise
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The Ultimate C2X 1600 is designed for service-provider environments, where space is at a premium and uninterrupted service is essential.
The TEF510x RF transceiver meets Japanese 760Mz C2X requirements, US and European (5.
RoadLINK takes C2X communications to the next level by bringing safety-critical information to the driver significantly faster than current, conventional applications can.
We have chosen to work with NXP and Cohda for its application ready C2X solution, based on its leading performance, flexibility and scalability, and its ability to address various use cases and OEM requirements.
In the past, MI battalion assets supporting the C/JTF in a GS relationship has resulted in the crisscrossing of MI battalion and C2X lines of operational control, resulting in disjointed operations, redundant requirements, and at times, wasted effort.
14) Any collection asset a BfSB can provide to support the tactical warfighter is a more appropriate use of HUMINT personnel than assigning them to a THOPS not co-located with the C2X or performing actions redundant to those of the 2X.
The first public demonstration of Sentient's Ultimate C2X 1600, and Sentient's seminar underscore the company's leadership in voice and data access convergence.
Sentient will be debuting the Ultimate C2X 1600 at COMNET (booth #1137) with a live interoperability demonstration with leading Integrated Access Device (IAD) vendors to showcase the transport of TDM traffic over a converged ATM network.
The public debut of the Ultimate C2X 1600 is the latest is a series of significant milestones for the company.
13 /PRNewswire/ -- Sentient Networks today announced the Ultimate C2X 1600, the industry's highest density Time Division Multiplexing (TDM)-to-Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) Interworking solution for leased-line services.
Available immediately, the new Ultimate C2X 1600 is being deployed in Williams Multi-Service Broadband Network(TM) as part of a $10 million initial contract with Sentient (see release dated December 9, 1998 entitled Williams Inks $10 Million Deal with Sentient Networks).
We believe the Ultimate C2X 1600 provides us with a highly competitive solution and will play a significant role in the nationwide rollout of Williams Multi-Service Broadband Network.