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C3DConstellation 3D, Inc
C3DClimate Change Capacity Development (UN)
C3DChromaDepth 3-D (three-dimensional glasses; Chromatek; Bartlett, TN)
C3DCanadian Consensus Conference on Dementia (also seen as CCCD)
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Les Hardison, a retired engineer, is the principal owner of Arinsco Optics who has patents pending for the C3D products to help people affordably enjoy the 3D effect on a regular flat screen TV set.
Go-Ahead, operator of Thames Trains - one of the companies involved in last year's Paddington rail disaster - said C3D, which launched a pounds 326 million bid for the group in July, did not understand the business.
Binding of FH to C3b or C3d was analyzed in the absence or presence of the anti-FH mAbs.
Shareholders should not let C3D deprive them of the value of their company.
PAPP-A, recently described as the insulin-like growth factor-binding protein-4 protease in embryonic fibroblasts and follicular fluid of the ovary, and thus involved in regulation of growth (10,11); Ang, the substrate for renin and involved in local renin-angiotensinogen systems (RAS) in placenta (12), decidua (13), and other tissues; and complement C3d, a very reactive B-cell stimulant (14).
This marks the first sale of the C3D system in the United States and is another sign of progress in gaining industry acceptance of this exciting new technology.
VectorVision Fluoro 3D allows the integration of intra-operative acquired 3D data, provided by the Siemens Siremobil Iso C3D.
The C3D consortium, consisting of industrial group Caisse des Depots-Developpement and private equity firm Rhone Capital, made the 650p-a-share cash offer following Go-Ahead's rejection last month of an approach.
Monoclonal C3d antibody was used in the Cogent and Scimedx assays, whereas the Raji cell replacement assay used monoclonal C3bi and C3d.
Measurements of the various breakdown or activation products, such as C3c, C3d, C4d, or the C5b-9 complex, have all been utilized to monitor ongoing C activation.
Furthermore, the new C3D 3-Dimensional Side Scan Sonar System is gaining acceptance in the undersea geophysical survey market.
TIC has given the Company repeated reassurances concerning its intended financing of C3D, and to that end has provided the Company with financial documentation as well as a copy of TIC's wiring instructions to its Bank, wherein TIC's affiliates and their Bank have been instructed to send a $2 million first "tranche" to the Company's account - followed by the remaining investment funds.