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C3DConstellation 3D, Inc
C3DClimate Change Capacity Development (UN)
C3DChromaDepth 3-D (three-dimensional glasses; Chromatek; Bartlett, TN)
C3DCanadian Consensus Conference on Dementia (also seen as CCCD)
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He developed C3D after contemplating and researching the mechanism of depth perception in the eye and brain.
La prueba de Coombs directa fue positiva, y la prueba de Coombs directa fraccionada fue positiva para C3d (3+), negativa para C3c, negativa para IgG y positiva debil para IgM.
The DAT result is usually strongly positive for IgG and negative for C3d.
A contact person for Conway C3D didn't immediately return a call to ArkansasBusiness.
Video presentations are available for the PSC Portal and the C3D Portal products.
The University of Glamorgan's School of Creative & Cultural Industries produced joint second place teams C3D, which provides 3D production services, and ONPAR Productions, which specialises in golf promotion.
In the present study, we determined serum levels of C3d, which is a catabolic fragment of C3, to further evaluate the possibility of the involvement of complement system in TPE.
The input is then converted into AnyBody[R] format using the routine, to emulate the pre-existing C3D data structure used by the gait routine analysis method already available with the application called "Gait Uni Miami TD Right Leg".
The hotel was designed by C3D Architecture and is scheduled to be completed in early 2010.
Detection of urine C3d has been suggested as a way of identifying complement activation in lupus-associated renal disease.
NOW the proud owner of a BMW 5 series, Stephen Helsby, co-director of visual effects imaging company C3D Imaging, is a happy man