C3ECommerce Électronique Interentreprises (French, Canada)
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The Sentrion C3E application suite provides customers an effective way to ensure delivery of business-critical information, such as financial analyst research information, account alerts, transaction notifications, trade information and countless other communications to maintain customer loyalty, drive new revenue, and establish competitive differentiation and more.
The Sentrion C3E focuses on maximizing both throughput and increasing delivery rates, unlike anything else currently in the marketplace.
C3E Injector: Provides a standard API for users and applications to easily submit, manage and track the status of SMTP campaigns.
C3E Core Message Processing: A high-performance mail transfer agent employing multiple adaptive delivery techniques to optimize both throughput and deliverability without risk to sending reputation.
C3E Message Tracking: Allows users to track when users open messages and when they click on links embedded in the message content, providing the opportunity for customers to build valuable analytics and intelligence on how soon after and how often users read the message content, as well as what content most appeals to audiences through link tracking support.
The winners will be announced at the third annual C3E Symposium in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on 16-17 September 2014 and receive an $8,000 award through the MIT Energy Initiative.
One C3E Award will be made in each of the following eight categories:
C3E Awards nominations will be accepted through 15 May 2014 at www.
This year's C3E Symposium, Urban Strategies for a New Energy Future , will include a poster competition for graduate students on the same theme.
C3E program is executed through collaboration between the U.
The C3E program is part of the 23-country Clean Energy Ministerial, an international forum that provides opportunities for energy ministers and other high-level government officials to share and advance ideas on clean energy technologies, policies and goals.
The commitment by C3E represents a significant step for our Joint Venture (JV) partner, Sofame Energy, putting them in a stronger position to increase business in the US this year.