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C3ICommand, Control, Communications & Intelligence (US DoD)
C3IComputer Controlled Coil Ignition
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Command and control, the first two components of C3I, address resource allocation and general mission planning - aspects shared by most law enforcement operations.
This Frost & Sullivan research service titled European First Responders C3I Market Assessment provides an overview of current market dynamics, expected growth in the industry, key market participants, and strategic recommendations to succeed in this industry.
Bell, PhD, is Associate Professor in the Department of Statistics and C3I Center at George Mason University.
All segments of C3I will experience exponential growth during the long-term even as certain technologies such as satellite communication are expected to overtake their competitors due to greater end-user need.
The industry needs to keep track of those wider trends but also pay close attention to more local requirements as C3I integration for first responders is becoming an increasingly challenging and multi-dimensional task" observes consultant Georgios Oikonomakis.
He was previously vice president of Land Systems for Lockheed Martin's C3I and Systems Integration Sector and held the same position for Loral, prior to its acquisition by Lockheed Martin.
Table 7 - Saudi Arabia Oil Industry Security C3I Systems Market Outlook [$M] - 2008-2014
With threats around the globe -- from terror to tactical -- that require widely distributed response assets, Raytheon's Joint C3I capability provides a rapid and affordable capability that integrates and connects the 'now' global intel community with the warfighter.
Briefer: Frank Marchilena, president, Raytheon C3I Systems
Briefers: Frank Marchilena, president, Raytheon Command, Control, Communications and Information (C3I) Systems Steve Teel, vice president, Raytheon C3I Systems
Karta continues to provide acquisition and logistics support across Air Force Material Command (AFMC) to include the Tunner SPO, Engine Accessories, Coral Phoenix, and Space C3I programs.
The Department of the Navy and the Office of the Secretary of Defense C3I placed the final hardware and software orders.