C3XCompact 3-Chip Xtreme (Sim2 Multimedia: Dlp-Based Home Theater Video Projector)
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The C3X system is the passport that will allow every American to enter the ever-expanding universe of computer products and services.
The C3X control system is easily installed as an external device or as a plug-n-play component than can fit into a full-size computer drive bay.
The C3X LUMIS UNO projector conceals truly powerful capabilities and a great deal of technology within its compact cabinet, including a trio of DC4 0.
The C3X LUMIS HYPER-Color is a three-chip reference model, specially designed with a motorized color filter option, which allows for specified color standard requirements to be attained (e.
The C3X system is the long awaited bridge that allows customers the freedom to take advantage of state-of-the-art computers and the information highway.
C3X allows customers to use their preferred method of payment, credit cards, to purchase high-tech services.
Additionally, the C3X provides pay-as-you-go computer services such as word processing, desktop publishing, multi-media capabilities and high quality printing.
states, "We are thrilled that San Francisco's new main library has included the C3X system as part of their community services.
The Grand Cinema[TM] C3X LUMIS 3D dual-projection system is designed to recreate 3D images in the home, with the same depth and vivid intensity as those experienced in the cinema.
Our award-winning C3X LUMIS 3D will be showcased, with a DNP screen and Procella Audio loudspeakers, in a system that promises to be exceptional in every sense.
The Design Area featured a C3X LUMIS in Racing Red with a six-foot screen showing promotional videos from nv4Design and SIM2.