C4ECenter for Enablement (information technology model)
C4ECenter for Ergonomics (University of Michigan)
C4ECampers 4 Ever (online gaming clan)
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In addition to the CHSC other C4E cluster high schools became involved in the shadowing program in the second half of 2011.
A third took place in 2012 and by this stage all to five Years 7-12 high schools in the C4E cluster were taking part.
What the shadowing has been able to achieve, via the mechanism of the university partnership with the C4E, is the opening up of this kind of connection, and moreover connections on many levels.
A particular characteristic of shadowing is that it developed out of the relationships between teachers and teacher educators, it was not a 'top down' initiative, rather it grew from the 'grassroots up' with the catalyst being the C4E.
com (2009): <<Seminario profesional organizado con C4E.