C4GCenter for GeoInformatics (Louisiana State University; Baton Rouge, LA)
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Leena: Certainly, C4G was a strategic HR-marketing collaboration from the very start.
I think another factor contributing to the effectiveness of C4G has been the creation of joint cluster teams of HR and marketing transformation (MT), with joint responsibility for execution.
For more information about the C4G campaign or for more on the work of CITB Wales, you can visit www.
While the Chancellor's Budget announcements were welcome, C4G partners believe that more can and should be done.
Last year, David Cameron publicly endorsed C4G as a key tool in kick-starting the UK economy.
As both a market-leader in the manufacture of specialist papers and a strong supporter of sustainability, delfortgroup is proud to promote C4G activities to the entire global label industry, in order to further develop the environmental advantages of the C4G liner recycling concept.
According to the company, with C4G Liner Recycling, the lifecycle of release liners can now be completed fully by converting used release papers into valuable recycled paper products.
The process of desiliconizing the spent liner so that it can be shredded and pulped will be on show at the Emballage exhibition in Paris in late November, when C4G and Lenzing Papier will present "a total closed-loop liner recycling from waste to recycled paper liners.
I view these as roadblocks, and Europe should be proud of the C4G Lenzing project.
The concept has been developed and tested during the past year by C4G and Lenzing Papier GmbH, an Austrian paper company.
The C4G Programme has also added its first corporate partner, Anglo American, through its Zimele enterprise development initiative.
The C4G Programme, supported by the JPMorgan Chase Foundation, is the firm s first significant social investment in the SME space in South Africa, with an investment of more than $1 million.